hey mom! How are ya?? I am alright. I got a bit sick yesterday but am feeling a lot better today. I actually threw up in the book store bathroom which was gross as it was in the squat toilet but what can you do?? I am sure the fact I ate a snail at lunch did not help as I am not used to that kind of food at all. I am probably going to stay away from the sea food when I can from this point on.

How are things back home? How is everyone and woody etc?I am feeling pretty down this time about this camp. I feel bad as I know all the hard work that has gone into this camp but I feel as though there is really no point in me even being here. We had a bit of a meeting today where we discussed what we would be doing everyday and due to the lack of students I am only doing sports for an hour and the rest of the time I am just an assistant. I know I should be happy with all the spare time I will have but really I would rather be making money at home then assisting here. I know I am not a real teacher but i was good enough a few years ago and thought I had proven myself somewhat but that does not seem to matter. Due to the lack of students K will do the english, signing, drumming and I will be her assistant babysitting the kids she cannot teach as the ages are pretty staggered and you cannot teach music to a grade 3 that you would teach to a grade 10…  you know what I did a dam good job with the kids at Haimen and feel I have a lot to offer the kids here as well.  I am sorry to vent to you like this but I do not know what to do at this point. I really just want to go home. This is not the experience I was expecting to have and again I understand everyone is doing their best but had I have known how things were actually going to play out I wold have never have come. I feel very mislead. When I first looked at the schedule I was under the impression I would at least have the kids for Sports, some fine arts and evening activities. If this was my first camp ever then I would probably be okay with that set up. However after being responsible for 40 to 100 kids at the last camp I feel beat down and belittled by the whole thing. I cannot help but to repeat I wish I never came and I still have a month of babysitting ahead. I really wish this was all discussed before I came here but again I was lead to believe things would be different. We knew before we came the amount of students we had so why the hell am I being told all of this now?? Arg so annoying.  Sorry again to vent… just feeling frustrated… love you!!