Without our past, we would have no present and no future. Kamloops, my home, the place I live and explore, would not exist. I am where I am today because of the past. Because of the individuals who braved the unknown and ventured endless miles to start over, settle the land, build a future and create an identity. Pre-Confederate Canada has seen days of settlement, war, gold rushes, conflicts, marriages and births. I know this because I researched, completed readings and reading logs, studied text and participated in lectures. I remember this because the History class on Pre-Confederate Canada taught me history in a new way. A way that spoke to all my senses not just reading and memorization. In this class, An Introduction To Canadian History taught by Dr. Tracy Penny Light, we watched movies, had discussions, listened to lectures, searched the internet, used websites and brain stormed ideas. We were given the freedom to choose a research topic we liked and challenged to source out primary and secondary sources in order to create an essay. Personally, this freedom allowed me to get excited about my topic; excited about history. Through out the semester I learned that history is more than just dates and battles. History is interesting, fun and ever changing. Through out the semester I learned that without the passion of the people there would be no place,  there would be no Kamloops; there would be no Canada.