and see some of the city with everyone. K arrived today but there really has been no discussion in regards to what is happening. I think we are all just waiting to see what the kids are going to really be like tomorrow. They finally admitted at least 4 of the kids do not know English at all so that changes things a bit. We also found out today we have even less kids so I guess all we can do is make it the best dam camp these kids have ever seen. I suppose I just have to swallow what I wanted to contribute and face the fact it is just not going to happen. I spoke to D last night about it again after I emailed you and felt a bit better after the conversation. I may just work with the children who lack English and get them going on a few songs and possibly help him teach them in the classroom. He said he doesnt want them to develop his accent which was a bit of a problem at the last camp. While I appreciate the opportunity I am also prepared for the fact D doesn’t tend to give the reins over that easy so I may once again just be babysitting but there is nothing I can do about it. I know his heart is in the right place and he just wants to keep everyone happy. Honestly the people here are great but if given the chance I would pack it in and come home. I will have more details for you tomorrow once the registration and assessments are complete. For now I need to remain as positive as I can.

how are things over there?? Any news? Paul, stu, eric woody? The sisters?? I am going to go to bed now as it is midnight over here but I know its like 9am your time and you are probably up and waiting on a response. We were at a dinner with everyone…. lots of sea food and other things including some really strong rice wine that they kept getting us to shoot back! I really didn’t like it so I secretly kept dumping it into a bowl when no one was looking. D on the other hand did not get that luxury and I am sure was feeling a bit tipsy! lol. Everyone kept giving him little thank you speeches and wam bam shot after shot. I felt bad for him as I knew how strong that stuff was! It felt like you were breathing fire after a little sip so I can only imagine what a shot would be like!! Anyway I will have a better understanding of everything tomorrow so I will email you after the registration and meetings!! Love you!!! Miss you! Wish you were here!!!!!!!