Hey babe!! Woke up today with barely a voice! YIKES!! K said that her phone rang while she was teaching so you had the right number!! YEAH!! I am not going on the filed trip on Sunday so that I can buy a phone and call you so I will keep you updated on my phone progress and all that stuff!! It will be Saturday your time when I call and I am very excited to talk to you!! Yesterday went pretty well and we had all the kids playing ultimate frisbee and they seemed to like it but the little kids did not understand so they played keep away. The older kids are really good at sports… at least the boys are!! Some of the girls are but they really do not ever play as it is not something they do!!! I need to practice basketball as they all are excited to see me play and I cannot even make a basket!!!! When I went to my room last night there were about 50 little ants in my bathroom!! They found my grapefruit soap!! Who knew they would eat soap!! It cannot taste good! But they liked it so i drowned the ants and put the soap in a bag! LIve and learn!!! Well I must be off it is time for lunch! Talk to you soon!!