Global Competency: A Journey Through Growth and Understanding

Author Cooper

I am working towards my B.ED degree at TRU and am working on Special Education Certification through Queens University.

Category C : Transcript Verification

Below are the transcripts that show my grades and completion for Theatre, Speech, Field Ecology (Natural History), Directed Study (Connections the Art of Storytelling) and Canadian History (Pre-Confederation).

Email to friends

Subject: hello from CHina!! Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 02:06:01 -0700   Just a quick hello to let you all know I am alive and kicking!! Been chased by a few dogs, super scarey, and sleeping on a bamboo mat… Continue Reading →

Email to My Mom….

hi! SC Shannon C       Reply| Wed 2008-07-16, 8:56 PM mom Hi MOM!! How are you doing?? I am doin okay! A little sick for the last day. I think it is a lack of fluids!! Things are… Continue Reading →

So Many Ants

Hey babe!! Woke up today with barely a voice! YIKES!! K said that her phone rang while she was teaching so you had the right number!! YEAH!! I am not going on the filed trip on Sunday so that I… Continue Reading →

More memories…

Hey babe! Things are going well! I was very sick last night and have decided to skip the meals today and focus on drinking water!  I am glad work is going well for you! I still have not had time… Continue Reading →

An email to the one I loved….

RE: I LOVE YOU!!! SC Shannon C       Reply| Tue 2008-07-15, 4:25 AM I LOVE YOU!!! The food is different and very good believe it or not!! I have tried many things and I am suprised at how… Continue Reading →

Sometimes all you need is your mom

and see some of the city with everyone. K arrived today but there really has been no discussion in regards to what is happening. I think we are all just waiting to see what the kids are going to really… Continue Reading →

Sometimes things do not go as PLANNED!

hey mom! How are ya?? I am alright. I got a bit sick yesterday but am feeling a lot better today. I actually threw up in the book store bathroom which was gross as it was in the squat toilet… Continue Reading →

History: Pre-Confederate Canada

Leaning about Pre-Confederate Canada is important to me as it allowed me to look at the past and reflect. I have written many reflection pieces based on writings assignment by my professor, Dr Tracy Penny Light. It was through these… Continue Reading →

To My Sisters… While in China

  From: Shannon C Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 6:49 PM To: Kristina; Jacquie; Tracey Subject: hello again! hello y’all! Sorry i have not been e-mailing more!! I wrote this long one yesterday and as I was sending it the… Continue Reading →

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