My name is Shannon and I am a 4th year Thompson Rivers University student going for my BA majoring in Theatre. In the future I hope to become a primary teacher with a focus on special education. Other than being a student, I am also “Momma” to my 1 and a half year old son, Brisbane and my fur babies Kiwi and Leah.

Brisbane and Kiwi going on a midday stroll in Vernon, BC

Since before I could speak I have always had an interest in travel and other cultures. My father is an Aussie through and through and opted to stay in Canada after attending UBC at the age of 20. My mother is Welsh and sailed over to Canada with her parents on the Queen Mary at the age of 2.

When I entered elementary school I was fortunate to be apart of a school rich with culture and diversity. The Principal, Vice Principal, teachers, assistants, secretaries and janitors all took pride in embracing the diversity through multicultural days and celebrations.It was through this experience that my understanding and appreciation of other cultures began to cultivate and grow. For example, during the multicultural days I tasted my first spice of a Samosa, the sweetness of Pavlova, the delicious surprise in a dumpling and many more treats that tantalized my tastebuds.I was also introduced to many different types of music, art, theatre and dance. Without these experiences I strongly feel that I would not have been so interested in traveling to other countries and embracing all the beauty of the land and the people. My experiences has allowed me to work towards becoming a Global Citizen by taking interest in events on a global scale rather than just focus on what is happening in my backyard. At the end of the day we are all people who are part of the same world community and it is up to us to work together to make take care of each other and make the world great.