Global Competency: A Journey Through Growth and Understanding

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Category C : Transcript Verification

Below are the transcripts that show my grades and completion for Theatre, Speech, Field Ecology (Natural History), Directed Study (Connections the Art of Storytelling) and Canadian History (Pre-Confederation).

History: Pre-Confederate Canada

Leaning about Pre-Confederate Canada is important to me as it allowed me to look at the past and reflect. I have written many reflection pieces based on writings assignment by my professor, Dr Tracy Penny Light. It was through these… Continue Reading →

Directed Study

“Oral tradition is as old as the human race. The telling of stories serves to educate, to strengthen community ties, to entertain, and to heal. These are the main goals of the Connections project.” – Mike Weddell, Project coordinator  … Continue Reading →

My Learnings Through Theatre and Speech

As I sprint into my fourth year at Thompson Rivers University I reflect on all of the classes I have taken. Through this reflection I realize that a lot of my courses are helping to shape me into a better… Continue Reading →

Why is Natural History Important?

Natural History is the study of nature from the time the world began to the seconds that just passed. It is important that we understand where we have come from and our impact on the natural world so that we… Continue Reading →

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