Below are some of the analysis’ that were written for theatre. They show the process that needs to be completed from researching the places that the characters are from to character biographies and charter choices. Completing these projects forced me to dive into other cultures and ways of life in order to create well-balanced and believable characters. It also allowed me to seek out information from fellow classmates and international students to ensure my research was correct. In particular, the analysis, Playing For Time, allowed me to look deeply into the Holocaust and the situations that occurred, the way people were treated and why. In the analysis we look at the political systems of the time and how they effect the people, religion, education, the language that was used and the era in which the plays are written. This knowledge helps me be a stronger Global Citizen with a greater Global Competency as I am able to look at the past and seek understanding about the present.

Being in the scene also gives me the strength and confidence to speak on the sensitive topics that I have learned which effect all citizens of the world. Some examples are: Feminism and body issues in the play, The Most Massive Woman Wins, death and mourning in, Emma’s Child and  The Rabbit Hole. 

My experience in Theatre has allowed me not only to seek understanding of global issues, but to  have the ability to talk about those issues

Emmas Child Analysis

Playing For Time

faceslookugle analysys

dead eye boy paper work

Character Checklist