Shannon C




Wed 2008-07-16, 8:56 PM
Hi MOM!! How are you doing?? I am doin okay! A little sick for the last day. I think it is a lack of fluids!! Things are a tad crazy here but everything seems to be coming together now! I miss you a lot!! There were so many time I wish I could just pop in or call you about things!!! How is Woody? Has he forgotten about me yet?? I have shown his picture to a few people and they say he is beautiful!! Has Eric been coming around? I hope you are not left alone all the time and that you are keeping busy!! How are the red hats going?? I think I have finally gotten a bit more comfortable and a bit more confidence in regards to teaching! The kids seem to really like me and I really enjoy them! I am the yellow haired teacher!! I find that funny!! There has been a few more dog chases but I think I have got a routine down and know what dogs to walk away from and what dogs to just walk slowly passed! A cat ferro cat went crazy as I was walking towards her as she was protecting her kittens so I just walk slowly the other way! It is odd how animals are treated so differently here. I guess there really is no where for them to go so that is why i see more wild ones here then I do back home. One of the kids at the camp kicked a wild cat across the floor so it hit the wall and he thought it was sooo funny! My heart broke and I got after him for that behaviour!! You know me with animals! They could be so mean to me and I will always stand up for them! I cannot stand people being mean to them!! The food at the school is very good but I do miss pasta and fresh uncooked veggies!!! Only a few more weeks and I will be home!! Each day feels like three in one as they are so packed with many things! The kids seem to be enjoying themselves and I have tried to take many pointers from my roommate about how to teach music and such. SHe is an awesome teacher!!! Everyone loves her! She really gets the kids going and has done many great things with music. They do not have music classes or PE classes here as the focus is on studying so the kids and Chinese teacher are really embracing the change!! Dad is doing all right but I feel bad for him as he is trying so hard and working so much!! I do not think he has had one full sleep yet! The teacher he was worried about has really been poison on this trip! She is very mean to me and my roommate and for no reason at all. She hates Dad and is always cutting him down or telling him off. I am trying to take the high road but I am finding it hard to see her treat us this way. She is a pompous you know what, she deserves that name. I feel so bad for Dad as he has tried to be nothing but helpful to her as he is met with nothing but a sharp tongue and resistance!! I wish she would just go home but that will not happen. I just need to remember that I am here to support dad and help the kids!! I am just glad my roommate and I can support each other as she is suffering because of Audrey, the cow, as well. It is strange because we have done nothing to her at all and yet this 60 something woman is acting so terrible! Dad said she has real issues. I will be glad when I never have to see her again! She really has divided the team but what can you do?? Any way I am sure that is enough venting!! I love China as it is a very exciting place. I have not left the school all that much as there has not been much time but I look forward to the field trips on the weekend! I cannot wait to see more!! I have been playing a lot of games with the kids so if you have any ideas about any verbal games I could play let me know!!! They LOVE Eye Spy! I was really surprised! We played for an hour! They all practiced english and did not even know it!! One child got up and said I see something small and black and another kid got up and asked if it was the new little hair on his chin! It was very funny!!! We all laughed as he walked around the class showing it off!! They are sooo cute! One kid gave me a ducks heart as a gift…. to eat…. I will be bringing that home!! YIKES!! Well I should go it is almost lunch and I have to get my music lesson ready!! LOVE YOU!! MISS YOU!!! Say Hi to tracey, Eric, Kristina and Jacquie for me and all the kids!! I emailed Eric today but have not had time to e-mail everyone else! I have emailed the sisters once but not again so please tell them how I am and I will do what I can to finally get a phone!! I love you MISS YOU!!! Pet woody for me!!