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Global Competency: A Journey Through Growth and Understanding


Natural History

Some examples of the writings I did in Natural History. They deal with our natural world and is an important part of being a global citizen.

Eyes Open. Heart Broken

  When I first arrived to the Secwepemc Museum & Heritage Park on a beautiful brisk September afternoon, my eyes were taken on a colorful journey of pickle green grass, hickory brown trees, and the vibrant reds and zesty yellows… Continue Reading →

As Space Turns to Place

It is 3pm on a blistery warm August day when I have the brilliant idea to handcuff myself to the washing machine. My ten-year-old brain cannot comprehend the reasons behind my parent’s decision to move from our family home in… Continue Reading →

Making Some History With The Students

It is an evening like no other. The cold wind snaps at my ankles as I run to my car. The only thing on my mind is getting warm. I glance behind me to ensure that the Panama crew is… Continue Reading →

Birds: Our World, Their World

When No One Was Looking  When no one was looking I took an egg from the nest, My Dad was at work, my mom having a rest. When no one was looking I sat on the egg I thought I… Continue Reading →

A Minute of Lost Creates a Lifetime of Memories

  “I’ve got two speeds, fast and lost!” These are the last few words I hear as neon orange light wizzes past me, disappears into the sun, time abruptly stops and the world swallows me whole.

Mushrooms Mushrooms Everywhere and Not A Drop to Eat

Hello my name is Cooper and I hate mushrooms. There, I got that out of the way. Feels good to get that off my chest. This has been my opinion of mushrooms for as long as I can remember. The… Continue Reading →

Bird Baby Brisbane

After a full year of getting to know my toddler, Brisbane, I have come to the conclusion that he is a bird. Now that is not to say that he is a bird in a physical sense, I am not… Continue Reading →

No More Cats

  There were no more cats. This should have been a warning of what was to come and yet I failed to see it. Much like the foreshadow of a horror movie that leaves the audience wondering how the protagonist… Continue Reading →

Earthquakes and Exploring Nature

This week was a little more of a reality check in regards to the lecture content and the science behind our Natural History. While I pride myself on having knowledge of earthquakes, which hasn’t watched a documentary or participated in… Continue Reading →

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