Hey babe!

Things are going well! I was very sick last night and have decided to skip the meals today and focus on drinking water!  I am glad work is going well for you! I still have not had time to get a phone but I do have a number you can call me on…. I am home at night around nine pm our time so that is 7am I think your time! It is my roommates phone but you will be charged long distance charges but her phone will not be charged. You can call me on Sat your time and it will be SUnday here. On SUnday I am going on a field trip so you can all any time. I think a calling card for you will be the best bet!! the number is 15896254746. I am going to try to get out and get a phone but so far I have been working non stop!! I miss you a lot especially when I am going to bed and waking up!! Time is going rather slow as my days are soooo filled!! Each day feels like two has passed! I am going to start writing in a journal so I can remember everything! One funny thing… I was playing eye spy with the kids, a huge hit!, and it was something small and black… one of the kids stood up and asked if it was the one little hair on his chin! SOOO FUNNY! we all laughed as he walked around the room showing everyone! Oh to be 12!! Well i need to go and lesson plan! I LOVE YOU! Talk to you soon I hope!!