Shannon C




Tue 2008-07-15, 4:25 AM

I LOVE YOU!!! The food is different and very good believe it or not!! I have tried many things and I am suprised at how much I like it!! It is soooo hot here!! At least plus 40 with the humidity!! Today I had to teach 104 students how to play frisbee and it was crazy but they all had fun! I have never sweated so bad in my life! After an hour of frisbee I did an hour od Duck, duck goose…. I made the mistake of playing and the students always picked me!! 45 minutes of running and i almost passed out!! But at least I won! I have sweat off my body weight!! I have lost about five pounds!! In only a few days!! IT IS SOOO HOT!! I wish you were here but I am not sure you would have that much fun. I love the students and they think I am beautiful because I am different!! They think all the girls that are here are beautiful!! I am having a ton of fun but I miss you a lot! Being away from you has made me realise how much I really love you and want to get our life going….. I hope you feel the same!!! The days are going slow and yet one day feels as though many has passed. I cannot believe I have only been teaching for two days!! I love teaching!!! I am seriously considering entering the field! I think this experience has given me more confidence in my ability! Plus they all think I am a super athlete because I am a girl who can play sports!! Most girls and boy focus only on studying. They go to school from 615am to 9pm each day and have up to five hours of homework each night! So different from camp Canada and Canada in general. I still have not had time to get a phone and hope to get one soon! I have kept mine off because of the roaming charges and cannot wait to talk to you!!! There is only one bad thing on this trip and it is one of the Canadian teachers… SHE IS NOT NICE AT ALL! She is about 60 something and thinks she is all that. She constantly puts people down and everyone is super pissed with her! I wish she would just go home!! Oh well.  Now I just ignore her and wish her bad thoughts! I will not let it bother me as I am here for the kids and to support my dad! The CHinese teachers are AWESOME! They work so hard and I feel bad about how much work they do in a day! They work t least 16 hours each day!! YIKES! Well there are computers in the school but I have to wait to be able to use them. Right now we are in the teahers lounge because the wild dogs were at our dorm and one of the girls was attacked by a pit bull a few years ago so she is freaked! It was so bad she was hospitilized for a while and has huge scars on her legs! The dog chased her into a bathroom and cornered her in a stall! SO CRAZY!! Well I should go! I need to show the students a movie! We are watching Ice Age!! I cannot wait to show them ELF! YEAH! Well thank you for doing the Rockport!! How is the weather? How is work? Any more bear stories??? I will try to e-mail you tomorrow!! I LOVE YOU!!