Opening ceremony of Camp Canada in Haimen

A fellow teacher and a student

The camp cooks

The principal of the school we used saying a few words at the opening ceremony

Me, teaching music to the students

A visit to a botanical garden

An ocean view field trip, a picture of all the teachers and camp leaders

Some local cuteness

Preparing some delicious breakfast

Another wonderful cook

A field trip

A day of shopping in Haimen

Our group on a day out

Getting some local watermelon

The head chef

A wonderful banquet dinner

cooking for over 100 students a staff!

Teacher Kawal and her class

Wonderful sites on a field trip

Just another day in the city

Back Alley views

The forbidden city

The forbidden City

City lights

Shanghai lights

Oriental Peal Tower in Shanghai



a beautiful show we had the honour of seeing in Shanghai

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It is amazing what one can fit on a bike!

local card games

Working extremely hard to keep the city clean


Terracotta Army aka. Terracotta warriors and horses

A close up of a Terracotta warrior. The detail is amazing

A street market




show cont.


delicious food venders