From: Shannon C []
Sent: July 19, 2008 4:09 AM
To: Olwen
Subject: RE: hi!

HELLLOOO!!! I am glad woody is doing well I will be there soon enough to take hime home! I imagine he will be a little mad at me at first but he will get over it!! Thank you for taking such special care of him!!

As for the Audrey thing…. it got out of control today!! We were on a field trip with the kids and I was walking in front of her asking the guide some questions when all of the sudden she grabbed my wrist and pushed me!! She wanted to actually fight me but I was so stunned I could not react! She yelled at me that I was not to walk beside her or infront of her and that I had hit her with my bag! I just stood back and almost cried! Thank GOD the other teachers were there and saw the whole thing happen! Thank god the kids were not around! Dad was not there but was filled in on what happened by others and myself. This whole thing just proves that she is crazy! Audrey’s roommate came to me to try and smooth things over by telling me that because Audrey is 55 years old, she may be older?, and because she is a teacher she feels that she is above me and expects me to respect her and walk behind her blah, blah, blah. I told her that respect is earned and Dad said that that is no reason to get violent! Basically she hates dad and takes it out on him with words and out on me with Violence…. Audrey also pushes Kaval around but not to the extent of what she did to me today!!! MOM I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! SHE IS A MOTHER and she is acting like this! She is very crazy!! I feel bad for dad!! He has to go and talk to her now… I am going to make sure I am no where near her alone because I am worried that she will hit me! I wish she would just go home! Again I am just glad everyone else saw it and they all agreed that I had done nothing wrong! Other then that I had a great day puttering around! All the changes at the house seem like a ton of work!! You better take it a little easy!! I have taken a ton pf pictures and the games you siggested will be a great help! Yesterday I played Stella, STella, the hand clap game and the kids ate it up!! Any way I love you!! MISS YOU!!!