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In my History of Pre Confederate Canada class we were assigned readings and are asked to write reflections on those readings. By learning about the past I am able to understand how Canadian culture was shaped and all the cultures that helped to shape it. From the First Nations Peoples to the European settlers, all have shaped Canada into the country it is today.

“We Are Well As We Are”

Shannon Cooper Reading Log: “We Are Well As We Are”             For many years historians have portrayed missionries, known as Jesuits, as individuals who selflessly worked towards civilizing American Indians by showing them how to… Continue Reading →

1800 to 1867 :: Important Moments in Canadian History

Source: 1800 to 1867 :: Important Moments in Canadian History

Research Essay; ‘Raging Madness’: A look at the Provincial Lunatic Asylum

“Apply to the head, cloths dipt in cold water. Or, Set the patient with his head under a great waterfall, as long as his strength will bear. Or, pour water on his head out of the teakettle. Or, let him… Continue Reading →

Pistols at Six O’Clock

In the article, “Pistols at Six O’clock” by Stephen R Brown, the reader is introduced to a duel fought by two law students in 1833. The reader is informed of the reason for the duel, the trial and the aftermath.[i]… Continue Reading →

The Phantom of Misnamed Honour

In the article, “In search of the Phantom Misnamed Honour: Duelling in Upper Canada” by Cecilia Morgan, the author shows two different opinions on duels while educating the reader on the history of duels and gives insight as to who… Continue Reading →

Roughing it in The Bush

In the book, “Roughing it in the Bush,” by Susanna Moodie, the reader learns what a charivaris is through Moodie’s neighbours explanation.[i] This article is quite different the article, “From Folklore to Revolution: Charivaris and the Lower Canadian Rebellion of… Continue Reading →

Group Research Fun

After reviewing the information on the website,, we, as a group, have come to the conclusion that the events occurring on April 28th to May 3rd, 1864 was indeed a war and not murder; due to the organization of the… Continue Reading →

Research Project: Primary Source

1852: Death By Acid In the “Canada Medical Journal” Volume 1, No.3, May 1852, the reader is introduced to an article written by James Sewell, M.D that discusses the “Fatal case of poisoning by Sulphuric acids with observations.”[i] Through descriptions… Continue Reading →

Statement of Process

Originally when I was seeking out a topic for this essay, I had wanted to research midwifery. This was a topic that hit close to home as I have just recently gone through the labour process and wanted to understand… Continue Reading →

Canadian History: Pre-Confederation

This first log is from out textbook, John Douglas Belshaw, Canadian History: Pre-Confederation, this was the first log I had ever written so be warned! Shannon Cooper Reading Log The purpose of this reading is to educate the reader on how… Continue Reading →

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